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  • Lively, colorful, and modern Thai are the little things we keep close to our heart.


  • Tareeya’s proud products range from scarves, handbags, wallets, cosmetic bags, hats, and caps.


  • All products are designed and made with premium PVC-coated 100% cotton canvas, easy for everyday use. We don’t only mean for our products to suit all occasions,
    but also remember to present the uniqueness of Thai arts, cultures, and traditions.


  • At Tareeya, beauty and functionality can and must go hand-in-hand. Additionally, Tareeya is a perfect go-to place for souvenirs to remind you  and your loved ones of the Land of Smile—for Thais and foreigners alike.

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ของที่ระลึกจากไทย ผ้าพันคอ ที่ระลึก ของที่ระลึก จาก Tareeya


“ Tuk Tuk” is the name of a three-wheeled motorized vehicle in Thailand which is widely used in Bangkok as it is considered as a faster choice than taxis in the bad traffic. In the old days, it is a popular transport for the merchant to load the food and fruits to sell at the fresh market. Nowadays, it is popular among the tourist who would like to explore the city in more exciting way.

Scarf / Shawl

“ Tuk Tuk “ The origin of the imports came from Japan tricycle pickup truck converted into a passenger car since 2503. To replace the tricycle, which was banned in Bangkok running. Nowadays we produce it, And export to foreign countries in the name of TUK TUK. Tuk-tuks are available in all provinces and is extremely popular with tourists.

ของที่ระลึกจากไทย ผ้าพันคอ ที่ระลึก ของที่ระลึก จาก Tareeya
ของที่ระลึกจากไทย ผ้าพันคอ ที่ระลึก ของที่ระลึก จาก Tareeya


The origin of the name “tuk-tuk” Firstly, because foreigners come to Thailand will not run motor tricycle that any resident called the sound of car exhaust as a “tuk-tuk” stuck to this day in Thailand.


It is believed that elephant is a holy, sacred and respectable animal so it plays significant part in Thai culture. In the old day, the King and high noble people used the elephant for a transport and in the battle. Also, the older national flag has an elephant image displayed on it. Nowadays, elephant has become a trademark of Thailand.

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